Market Basket Conclusion Should Have Happened Weeks Ago

I had planned on writing a brief history of the Market Basket chain this month to give those readers who aren't very close to this situation some historical perspective and insight into why the company is in disarray.

But then I began writing and realized how exhausted I am from this whole situation - and that the company history is not as relevant as I thought it might be.

As of press time the two sides of the Market Basket factions were in furious negotiations to sell the company to Arthur T.Demoulas.

It has been literally the entire summer that the company has been at a virtual standstill.

Everybody has watched this unthinkable scenario in amazement - a once prosperous family-owned supermarket chain has been brought to its knees by the very employees and associates that have it made it so successful over the years.

I've been so sure that the company was close to finalizing a deal for Arthur T. to buy the business every week for the past four weeks - that I'm about ready to eat my hat.

Yet here we are with no deal in place. I'm as dumbfounded as everybody that it hasn't happened yet.

Every time the company comes close to making an announcement they retreat and say they need more time to iron out the details. Well, time ran out weeks ago in my book.

Let's hope that by the time you read this Market Basket will be back in business with Arthur T. returned to the helm and his loyal team alongside him. I, for one, am rooting for him!